Clearly, You're looking for the best and free html5 templates, You can just find templates that doesn't fit your needs, Must be bad looking, Low quality, or others. But now you're in the right place. here you can find free web templates and free html templates that you're going to love.

Free HTML5 templates of the best html template in 2019


Nafsi - free html5 templates


Nafsi html template

This is a personal template, It's used to create portfolio and personal websites, It was $10 cost and now it's for free for a short period of time, What are you waiting for? it's the exact right time to download it for free.

Nafsi HTML5 Template Content

Nafsi Html5 template is providing a bunch of sections in a creative way, Attractive slider, Personal information section with cv download button, Skills section, Pictures section, portfolio section, testimonials section, products section, blog posts section, and contact form.

It was one of the best free html templates and now it's the best of free html5 templates that you can use to build your personal website.

Download - Preview


Ouda W Sala - free web templates


Ouda W Sala

Ouda W Sala is a real-estate free web html template made by brightery, It was made to give life for your real-estate website. It's responsive and easy to use. It's multi-Pages template, Easy to customize and free to be used for any purpose.

Ouda w sala is one of the best free web templates, you can find multi-pages such as:

  • Homepage
  • Login page
  • Register page
  • Contact page
  • About us page
  • property list page
  • Single property page
  • Single agent page
  • Search in agents page
  • Grid blog
  • Blog single page

Download - Preview


Brightery Ohio - html template

Brightery Ohio

Brightery ohio is one of the best free web templates in brightery store, It's Agency and multi-purpose html template, you can use and rebuild to make you website.

It's so easy and amazing to be used. Specially when you develop such animations and grid system to make an attractive website from free html templates.

Download - Preview

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