If you're looking for How to Create a Website? we can tell that's so easy lately and this is a how to guide.

How to Create a Website

What do you need?

before we get started, you should have a quick tips about things you need before you build a website and see how much does it cost for individual or small business.

  1. Domain name
  2. Hosting cloud
  3. Website
Domain name

What is a domain name?

Briefly, Domain name is the name that you type to reach your website. As well we can identify it as the address of the content you have for your visitor.

In average it costs from $2 to $100 a year, There's some cheap names and some expensive names that sold for expensive numbers such as CarInsurance.com that was sold for $49.7 millions.

If you need to learn more about domain names you can read this post:

What is Domain Name and why would you need it? 2019 guide

Hosting cloud

What is a cloud hosting?

Web hosting defined as the service that allows enterprises and individuals to upload a website or web page and make it live on the Internet.

Host, or web hosting service provider, is a company that provides the technologies and services needed for the websites or web pages to be viewed and visited on the Internet. Websites are hosted, on more advanced computers called servers.

If you need to learn more about hosting you can read this post:

What is cloud hosting 2019 guide



To build a website need to know more about the point of building website, and the point i mean your point of building website.

Why do you want to build a website? 

Every business or enterprise need a website for some purpose. As a leading web and mobile application development company we can tell you more about our clients requests.


There's the client which need a website for branding and online existence, When you're not online you miss 3 Billions and 896 Million user from knowing your business, Services and products.

Getting more sales

If you're selling something you have to make your website available to sell things through, And that would help you so much on the long term.

Getting more fame

If you're an actor, Singer or something else, Producing art or need for more fame, Even if you're a public figure, You need a website to make it easier for your clients reach you.

Brilliant idea

Got a brilliant idea that's going to change the world, then you're going to make it online, just like UBER, eventtus... etc

How to make your website?

Now you know why do you need a website, Now you need to start your website. but first you need to learn more about website types if you don't know.

Technically there's Two main types of websites if you want to learn more about them visit this post:

Types of websites guide 2019 - Basic 4 Technical types

And there's more than 10 categories of websites you can choose from, You can read about them here:

11 Popular Types of Websites You Can Create 2019

From this point you know more about what you exactly need, static or dynamic website, you know what is the main purpose of creating this website.

Now you can go for create your project ( Estimation project is free ) or see what is the best companies you could deal with






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