What is the importance of create sitemap xml and insert it to master tools? and is there're any sitemap builder of sitemap generator i can count on? Read more about the sitemaps, Web crawlers and how to get your website sitemap generator from this post. Everyone is wondering why do Sitemaps important for Search engines and for better websites. What do we earn from the process of adding sitemaps to webmaster applications around the web! in this post, we're going to make every single thought is clear.

Importance of Create Sitemap XML 2019

If you want to learn more about the importance of create sitemap XML to my website in the 2019 year and and up-coming years, You should first understand what is Sitemap.

Importance of Create Sitemap XML 2019

What is a sitemap?

To define what is site map (Also known as sitemap) is a list of pages included in website to help easy understanding the content and index it.

There are three types of site map kinds on the internet, We can explain them:

1. Designer Sitemap

Site maps that used during the planning of a Website by the designers designed the website.

2. Human listing Site map

It's the sitemaps that's typically hierarchical of the pages on a website.

Example of users Sitemaps: Brightery Users Sitemaps

3. Search Engines sitemaps

It's the site map designed in XML to give the ability for the crawlers and bot to reach it and read the website content easily. Such as:

Example of XML Sitemaps: Brightery Sitemap

You can read more about sitemaps from: Sitemap

After we knew enough about sitemaps and the usage of site maps, We should get over it to the crawlers ( spiders ).

What is the usage of Web Crawler ( Search Engine Spider )

It's defined as Web Crawler , Crawl , Web crawling , and search engine crawlers. Such as: Googlebot. Also Known as spider or spiderbot but it's shortened to crawler.

The Web Crawler is that systematically browses the World Wide Web (WWW), typically for the purpose of Website indexing to the search engines ( Crawling ).

You can read more about crawlers and spiders from: Web Crawlers

website sitemap generator

After we knew enough about web crawlers and spiders and the usage of site maps, We should get over it to the The importance of create sitemap XML

Why it's necessary to create sitemap XML?

The website sitemap generator and XML makes it easier for crawlers and spiders index your new pages, that means more search traffic and organic traffic to your website. More keywords counts and more.

It's a great thing to increase the website sitemap generator process and efficiency through a sitemap builder or sitemap generator dynamically. and this is the next step:

Sitemap Builder / Sitemap Generator

We don't preferring the old school ways, There're many ways to create a perfect Sitemap for your website including all stuff you might need and disallowing crawlers and spiders from indexing the dashboards and admin area in your website. But as we said, We don't prefer the old school. 

Sitemap Builder / Sitemap Generator V.S. OLD SCHOOL

Old School Sitemap generator

It's the process of creating a manual sitemap from a sitemap builder website or application that offers the sitemap generator operations for free or for pricing.

Dynamic Sitemap builder / Dynamic sitemap generator

Having a dynamic website means a dynamic automated sitemap, It's making it harder to manually create your sitemap with a sitemap builder or sitemap generator. you need some dynamic way to do it.

There're two ways we can give examples for:

sitemap builder Plugins / sitemap generator plugins

If you're using Content management system (CMS) you can find a huge number of sitemap builder plugins that's going to build you a perfect Sitemap for your website that updated automatically whenever you add new content to your website.

There're a lot of existing free and paid website sitemap generator plugins around the web you can buy or install to create your sitemap and insert it to your webmaster tools.

Dynamic script

The 2nd way to create your sitemap is make your dynamic sitemap your self with the help of the development company you're working with or the web developer supporting your website and developing it.

After we reach a website sitemap generator

This is the step you should go insert your sitemap to the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex..etc. And don't be worry we're going to make examples for the process and quick guides. Just stay tuned, Share the post, And wait for new posts and content from Brightery, Team.


Thank you for reading.




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