Perfect tips for business improvement & local sales using local marketing and using tools such as google local business to increase local small businesses and medium business scalability.

Perfect tips for business improvement & local sales using local marketing

I think we met again, Didn't met me before? you can easily meet my posts from my profile page below, i hope you like them. Now let's talk about the thing you're here for: How to perfectly make business improvement and increase local sales and how to use local marketing tools to make this progress?

Perfect tips for business imporvement

in this post, we're going to learn the easy way to shorten your path to ideal local sales using the local marketing tools available.


Google Local Business

Business improvement using Google Local Business tool

Google Local business is another tool provided by google, That you can easily control your own property on google maps marked as shop or business.


Perfect tips for business improvement & local sales using local marketing and using tools such as google local business to increase local small businesses and medium business scalability.

As you see in the picture above this line, You can search for something such as coffee shop in texas or near your location and it will "directly" give the results of the closest and most relevant results for this locations for the input.

Why don't you be in the top of this list? You can easily do it your self or hire someone to manage your Google business account. Claim your property and start posting as expert.

Social Media Marketing for local business

Using social media for marketing purposes needs more focus, You can make it because social accounts made more than just advertising for you. You can target a location, language, type of people, interests, And even habits.

The Social media marketing is more effective and less cost than the regular ways for advertising. Nowadays, People aren't reading the newspaper, not giving a Sh*t for out-doors advertising panels, But they care about the advertising creatives they see on social media.

Social Media for local marketing

Social media advertising is 90% less than the regular ways cost, And 300% effective.

According to a statistics report made by brightery experts after they made a small quick test for a brand resulted with 90% less cost from the regular advertising the social media marketing broke and 300% effective. That means with your same budget you can earn up to 300% from your regular results. Thanks to social media and modern marketing ways.

Website Development for local business

local small businesses also need a website

As Brightery experts always saying:

Priority for websites

Social media is a funnel, another stream, Easy way to attract target audience. But wait! Where are they going to land? Did you ask your self what is the point from attracting people to "Like your page on Facebook?". It's like spending money for someone two times. How?

In the first place you're attracting audience to like your page. Congratulations, They liked it, But what now? You're going to post and pay money once again to show the post for your liked audience!! W*F?

How to make local sales using website

Now, You got another way to Directly push your audience to your website, They land you offer them to make action such as registration, Leaving you their information, subscribe to news letter...etc.

This way you can easier call them, send SMS Marketing. or make anything!

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