Can I be famous? and how to be famous when other people are famous in love and travel hashtags? how to be become famous when you're a normal person? How to become famous on social media and how to be famous on Instagram? how can that allows casting to tv.

Surprising tips to help you on how to be famous

how to be famous, It's a question that everyone wants an answer to, Some influencers think you've become famous just because they're cool, Good looking, else...The truth is, Social media is like everything else, It's depending on Science!

From the experts of social media instructors inside brightery, we've got you the basic things that can make you famous and transform you from a regular social media user to model, Social influencer or more.

Our experts noticed that there are some steps most of the influencers do according to or not to background knowledge, These steps are the key to making a normal person so famous.

Choose content category

Choosing a content category is so important, There are some people attracted to a type or more than the type of content, to make a huge fan base you should get a type of content ( Content Category ) that you can keep posting to without problems. This type of content should be flexible to hijack trends and post in more than one subject.

For Example, Travel Vloggers and Bloggers, Foodies Vloggers and Bloggers, Beauty, makeup Vloggers and Bloggers, And sometimes couples famous in love.

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Couples famous in love

Couples famous in love are so many, People love seeing love stories around and also they like to follow good feelings such as love and motivation such as gymnastics trainers... etc.

Some couples took a place in Love Hashtags in the social media and they became famous in love and all they do, Taking good photos and sharing funny videos for couples.

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Choose a platform

Choosing your platform that you're going to post on is important, it's depending on what type of content you're going to share, and we're going to make a simple explanation of how can you choose a platform.

How to be famous on YouTube

If you're going to post videos, with high quality and good soundtracks and effects, this is where you should start, YouTube is giving you the chance to making people find you by searching for related content to yours.

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YouTube Helping casting to tv

YouTube is giving an advantage, it's the casting to tv, Most of the influncers are getting a personal TV program or more. That's why we're considering YouTube as the easy way for casting to tv. It's an easy way to make people attracted to your content and to you.

If you really want to take in a hard way, it's going to cost you a lot of time and money. It's hard for casting to tv and it's somehow impossible even if you're talented and good looking.

But the easy way for casting to tv is to make your own TV program and attract your own audience, Then you're going to have your chance or even have a better chance to reach the TV.

How To be famous on Facebook

Facebook is related to long written content with visuals or long count articles with funny or educational content.

How to be famous on Twitter

The sense of humor is the first base you should have, on twitter you should have a comedy or short written tweets to make people engage.

But what if we choose a platform such as Instagram? How to be famous on Instagram? 



Example: how to be famous on Instagram

Because of this exact question we're receiving every single day, We're going to answer this question, How to be famous on Instagram? 

Instagram is fully depending on publishing visual content such as small size videos and photos, You can post a photo, a carousel of photos, video, or a combination between photos and videos per post.

Posting to hashtags giving advantages and helping you to gain more audience and reach per post, you can add up to 30 hashtags per post. Stories are making a huge difference to attract more related audience, Active audience, loving your content or related to it. and it's the easy way to gain more follows and better reach and it's the easy way for how to be famous on Instagram.

Create Content

Creating your content is the most important part in the game of how to be famous and the hardest point, creating fully engageable and enjoyable content isn't that easy and for creating content that makes people love and share is a hard part.

You should take a quick look at all types of content in the same category you're going to post in, you should be updated to similar content and understand what makes people attracted to this type of content.

Create a good script before you go, And show it to people related to this content, And here is the big disappointing part:

Most of the new influencers taking feedback from people they trust but, they not always related to the content they're posting or category they're targeting. 

You Should take the opinion of people who are related to content you're posting already.

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How to be become famous? Don't Stop posting

The final tip of how to be become famous is don't Ever, Ever, Ever stop posting, even if you're not gaining so much engagement if you're not known enough. Stop posting when you want to stop being famous at all.

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