What is customer relationship management, And why do people care about having CRM to manage their work? what does CRM stand for ? and what are the examples for CRMs? You can find all of this and more in this post.

What Does CRM stand for?

First, the CRM stands for the phrase: Customer relationship management, Customer relationship management (or shortened as CRM) is an approach to manage a company's or enterprise interaction with current and potential customers. CRM system uses data analysis about current customers' history with a company/enterprise to improve business relationships with customers/clients, specifically focusing on customer retention, and ultimately driving sales growth.

What is customer relationship management
What Does CRM stand for?

What does a CRM system do?

The customer relationship management (CRM) solution helps you to find new customers according to your current customers, and keep them satisfied with organizing customer and prospect information. That helps your business build stronger relationships with customers and grow your business even faster. CRM system containing your  customer's website, E-Mail, phone number, social media channels, and sometimes more, across multiple sources and channels.

With Customer relations management system you can automate your operations such as:

  • Sending invoices.
  • Automated e-mails.
  • email marketing campaigns.
  • Sending offers.
  • Ticketing and ticket management.
  • And more.

what else customer relationship management software can do?

CRM Systems can also automatically pull in other information, such as recent news about the enterprise activity, and it can store personal data and personal details, such as a customer's personal preferences on communications. The CRM system is organizing this information to give you a complete record for individuals and enterprises overall, so you can better clarify your relationship over time.

A CRM Systems and platform can also connect to other platforms and applications that help you to develop customer relations. Content Relationship Management solutions today are more open and can be integrated with your favorite business tools, And having some features such as:

  • Document signing.
  • Accounting and billing.
  • Surveys and polls.

CRM System examples

When you talk about CRM Systems you can give examples such as our CRMs:

CRM System examples
Brightery Hospital

Brightery Hospital CRM

Brightery Hospital is a content relationship management system for both Hospitals and clinics coming in two paid versions. This CRM Software is unique to be clear, It gives the admin a lot of features to make the right process without problems.

Brightery Hospital is more like Cloud Hospital Information System (HIS) than being just a CRM improving Improve Hospital’s operations and communications.

It's a fully integrated system for both clinical and administrative processes. It comes with patient admissions and eligibility, inventory management, patient discharge, And all are in sync. 

Brightery Hospital For Clinics

In a smaller scale, Brightery hospital is coming for clinic and small healthcare units. For clinics, you find features such as Notice boards, Reports, Offline payments, Online payments, Patients can make appointments and get their medicine through the system. And more.

Brightery Hospital For Hospitals

In larger Scale Brightery hospital is coming with more features such as Notice boards, Reports, Offline payments, Online payments, Patients can make appointments and get their medicine through the system, Departments, Financial, Laboratories. And more.

Request a demo version for free.


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