Social media strategy marketing and planning, With an example of social media strategy and social media strategy template, learn how to create your own, like a professional this is the best for you. social media strategy example from brightery.

Social media strategy marketing and planning, With an example of social media strategy and social media strategy template, learn how to create your own, like a professional this is the best for you. social media strategy example from brightery.

What Is A Social Media Strategy?

social media strategy marketing definition, we're going to stick to this definition:

The social media strategy is a plan of how a business or organization will plan, develop, and control all social media marketing activities.

And in this post, we'll refine and clarify what this means.

Example of social media strategy creating tools

Before we get to the planning section, let's get sure your toolbox is ready. And we're going to give you some tips about tools you might need:

Social media calendar.

to create a social media strategy template, and developing your strategy on one primary calendar makes it easy to see all your social media posts paralleled your the different content and projects.

Google Analytics.

You're going to use this to collect data on your social media ref traffic to find when and where your audience is most active.

In-app analytics.

every social media platform has features that allow you to see a report for analytics of useful audience and performance data.

That is what you need to put this post into creating a social media strategy template.

Now, let's get started.

Social media strategy marketing and planning, With an example of social media strategy and social media strategy template, learn how to create your own, like a professional this is the best for you. social media strategy example from brightery.

1ST: Choose Your Social Platforms

Well, It's not the thing you prefer, it's where are your audience, Which platforms should you be online? Should you have more than social media accounts for certain networks?

1. Look Closer, Where Your Customers Are?

To create the best social media strategy marketing plan, You have to be on the same platforms as your audience. posting content at channels where your customers are inactive is about as effective as sending your message in a jammed room.

Create a list of three to five platforms that are definitely popular with your audience. Don’t get over big a list; Keep in mind, you are going to have to keep posting content on these.

There are various ways to find your audience on social media:

2. Use This Google Analytics Report

If you have a website or blog ( If you don't have a website or blog you should start your website now, Estimate it for free ), there's a powerful chance that your audience is already sharing your content.

You can track the traffic they lead back to your website by the free Google Analytics Custom Report, You'll see accurately which platforms give you the greatest traffic to assist you to focus your efforts on the social media that are already commonly generating results.

3. Research Your Competitors' Social Media

You and your competitors stand for the same audience on social media, select the closest 5–10 competitors, then explore for them on all the major social channels:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Pinterest

Record down their amount of followers on each platform to experience on which social platforms your own audience may be most active.

4. The Best Way To Engage the Audience

The next level is to watch your competitor's social engagement, Figure out which kinds of content look to be going best, Watch for posts like the following that are seizing the attention of your competitor’s followers.

And we mean by that:

  • Types of media. Images / Videos / GIFs appear to do well?
  • Text and tone. How do they talk and perform best?
  • Major Message. Do questions look to be working? What about funny jokes? Branded slogans? Motivational quotes?

5. Now, Paid Advertisement

A still different way to find your audience is to test initially with paid promotion. All of the main social platforms offer exceptional targeting to support you strategically give your social media communications with the right audience in exchange for payment.

As an analysis test, you could set up social profiles for each network and use their original paid promotion skills to find your audience. Analyze the results of each platform' analytics, and resume using the channels with the most significant results.

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6. Analyze Demographics

Various social networks may draw several demographics who are still part from your target audience, It's essential to recognise those variations so you can customise your content based on what your target audience needs to see on each channel:

Social Media Example, Create your own

2ND: Social Media Strategy Example

In the same way, you should do your best to capitalize on your strengths when it comes to setting up your blogging methodology, do the same for your social media strategy.

2ND: Social Media Strategy Example, Create your social media strategy


Let's get the interesting point about strategy or strategies, You can easily have a strategy for every social media channel, such as a Facebook marketing strategy, Instagram marketing strategy, and any of social media platforms, which all plan your overall social media marketing strategy.

Example of Social Media Strategy

To start a Social media strategy, You need to see an example of a social media strategy that we're going to help you out with, But first you need to keep in mind these questions:

  1. Why do you think you need to be on social media?
  2. Who are your targeted audiences?
  3. What are you going to share?
  4. Where are you going to share?
  5. When are you going to share?

Do you need a social media audit? you got to Download Social Media Audit Template


1. Why do you think you need to be on social media?

The first question is "Why", This links to your social media targets. Are you on social media to advertise your products? To send traffic to your website? Or to help your clients?

Usually, there are 9 social media targets you can have:

  1. Increasing brand awareness.
  2. Send traffic to your website.
  3. Generate new qualified leads.
  4. Increase revenue (by increasing signups or sales).
  5. Increase your brand engagement.
  6. Build a better community for your business.
  7. Implement social customer service.
  8. Monitor conversations about your brand.

You’ll possibly have higher than 1 social media goal, and that’s nice, but still, it’s great to concentrate on just a few of goals unless you have a qualified team (Hire Brightery).

2. Who are your targeted audiences?

Once you have decided out your Why, the next thing to examine is your targeted audience, With understanding your target audience it's going to help you more quickly to answer the following questions on what, where, and when you are going to share.

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For example, if a travel and lifestyle brand know that its targeted audience prefers to read about new areas and travel tips, it could give such content on its social media platforms.

Create Marketing Personas

There are many various ways of building marketing personas. My personal favourite path is to.

  • Who is your audience? (E.g. job title, age, gender, salary, location, etc.)
  • What are they engaged in that you can fit? (E.g. entertainment, educational content, case studies, news on new products, etc.)
  • Where do they usually be online? (E.g. Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • When do they look for the type of content you can give? (E.g. weekends, during their everyday commute, etc.)
  • Why do they use the content? (E.g. to get better at their job, to become healthy, to stay up to date with something, etc.)
  • How do they use the content? (E.g. read social media posts, watch videos, etc.)

3. What are you going to share?

Once you see this question, you might be wondering about the kinds of content to share. For example, do you want to share videos or images? But hold on a second!

We’re handling the subject of your social media marketing strategy here so let’s take a step back and concentrate on a higher level. Instead of the types of content to be shared.

You might have noticed that some brands are having more than 1 main theme for posting. Having good and plenty of themes is perfectly fine as it gives you more space to share a range of content to hold your audience engaged without being seemingly unfocused.

This is where a good understanding of your targeted audience is going to be helpful. Look at your marketing personas and consider the following questions:

  • What targets and challenges do they have?
  • How could you help to solve them?

For a fitness clothing and accessories brand name (like a Gym), aiming for its target audience may be to stay up-to-date with the latest fitness accessories. In this case, sharing its latest products on its social media profiles.

4. Where are you going to share?

Next step is to decide where you are going to share your posts. which social media platforms does your brand should be on? (Related: here is statistics for social media users 2020 / 2021.), you should spot that your brand mustn't have to be on every social media website.

5. When are you going share?

The latest key part of your plan is deciding out when you want to share your content. You might be invited to jump into analysis for the best time(s) to post.

Let’s get a step back and look at this of a higher level once again. Before choosing exactly which time of the day and days of the week you want to post, analyse the behaviours of your target audience.

You may have gathered from these few examples that there might not be the best time to post. It really depends on your audience. So for this step, focus on the overall behaviour models of your target audience.

Social Media Strategy Template

Social Media Strategy Template

You need a social media strategy template to start your own, Yes, We're providing you with the best social media strategy template you can easily use and maintain to fit you, It's the best example of social media strategy


Download Social Media Strategy Template


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