Learn how to post to social media with methods and examples of how to post on Instagram, how to post to instagram, how to post in facebook, how to post videos on youtube, how to post to Pinterest, Learn everything about how to post to Instagram, Facebook, twitter...etc.

How To Post To Social Media

Hi, How are you now? better? it's fine if you're not feeling like you understand the whole process of social media management and socialize your platforms online, but you still need to learn more to get involved.

Before getting to the point, You need to know that this post is a part of another list of posts suppose to help you out with What to post on social media, How to post on social media, where to post on social media, What is cross-posting and does it affect my progress online? Then you should learn if you can run your business social media your self, or you need to hire an agency for this.

We've been talking about what to post on social media, And posted a whole article about types of content you can post through networks available. and we clarified the types of content posted in every network as a stand-alone explanation. Now let's head to the next point, How to post on social media. 

A. Methods

The first part of the theory is, to understand the concept and methods of posting to the public.

1. Choose Audience and Subject

We need to choose the audience first, Tracking your customers and clients interests is giving you a clear overall view about what they exactly love to hear, What to post, And how could they engage with you.

For Ex. 

You've got a local coffee shop, You can't just start posting about Solar cells and quantum physics, they won't be related to it, Your business isn't related to it, Yes, both are important, most of the things available in life are important, starting Trees, animals, Oxygen...etc.

So, You need to talk about something that related to your coffee shop, something like... okay, you didn't get it? Coffee.. if you're a coffee shop owner you should start posting about coffee types, what makes it better, how can a normal person relate to an exact type of coffee, memes about getting your coffee in the morning, memes about not getting coffee in the morning!

and it's the first step, Choosing your correct audience posting for, and the correct subjects!

2. Choose Time

Choosing the correct time your audience available and waiting for your posts, have time to engage with you, and ready to react with your content, There's always the best time for posting, It's the time your audience online.

We're going to give more information about this exact step later on the examples.

3. Don't Duplicate Posts

Cross-Posting isn't that good, the truth is, The cross-posting isn't good at all, you shouldn't post one post everywhere again and again for many reasons, some of them that:

  1. Every network has it's own post types as we said before in: what to post on social media.
  2. The audience is not the same in every platform, but sometimes there are some people are following you everywhere.
  3. Social media networks and platforms are not the same. (Linkedin was made for work, Twitter for news..etc).

4. Connect Audience

Don't just post, it's not worth it, You need to reply to comments, reply messages, make more engagement with your customers. this process is the hardest, you need to make a personal relationship with every single customer you have!

5. Track Results

To achieve more, you need to track your results, improve your progress, make more engagements by creating posts from the same type had too much engagement, and make something creative and interesting to attract the customers.

B. Examples:

How to post to Instagram

We're now fine with the major things you need to know before getting to the examples of posting, we're giving you four different examples for posting, how to post on Instagram, posting to Instagram requires more visuals, more photos, we said that before in what to post on social media, and how to post to Instagram was one of the steps we took.

How to post in Facebook

Then we're going to learn how to post in Facebook, As we know, Facebook is more advanced and easier to understand your audience and audience types.

How to post videos on youtube

Then, how to post videos on youtube, We've posted other posts about YouTube, But here, we're going to help you to learn how to post videos on youtube.

How to post to Pinterest

And finally, how to post to Pinterest, not everyone is talking about Pinterest as it should be, it's important to understand about Pinterest, that's why we're talking about how to post to Pinterest at last.

how to post on instagram

1. How to post on Instagram

How to post on Instagram? Instagram requires two main things, Quality and Quantity. Yes, You need to post daily because Instagram newsfeed isn't like the Facebook's newsfeed, it's depending on the latest updates, and users might follow as many as you can't imagine from Facebook accounts in the world!

Instagram is a one post per scroll app, you can't see except for one visual post as a customer, and as a business, you don't have to miss this scroll without taking attention!

You need high-quality frequent posting strategy to add more posts daily that serve your purpose! 

how to post in facebook

2. How to post in Facebook

How to post in Facebook? You ask and we answer: Quality is the King, You need to focus on quality of content, and such a post type requires you to notice everything "Creative", "Text", "Context". There's a theory in brightery's marketing educational courses we follow it says:

They see, Stun, Like, Share, More people see, You Win; They see, ignore, no one noticed, You lose!

Facebook algorithm and this is how to post in Facebook, is making the first views are the judge of your content and content quality if the first users saw your post coming up ignored it, It dies forever. And if they engage more of your likers would see your post.

So, You need now to understand how to post in Facebook, by creating high-quality engaging posts that would attract your audience and ask for their opinions, make a variety of types and adding more values. You can learn more about Facebook Studio, Facebook Ads Manager, and even the basics of facebook management such as How to set up a page on facebook for business, How to add Facebook Profile Picture, And Facebook Cover photo.

Now you learnt the major and basics about How to post in Facebook, Let's get to the next step and learn how to post videos on youtube.

Related: Increase revenue with Facebook sponsored posts

how to post videos on youtube

3. How to post videos on YouTube

Now it's time to learn how to post videos on youtube and increase your presence on YouTube platform, Yes, YouTube is one of the top leading Social networks, And it's the top leading visual Application you can count on while trying to increase your visual presence online.

Adding content to YouTube must be in multimedia, must be in good quality and voice recording, Original music, or voice over. Your video should be unique, Premium, and catchy to take your customers or potential customers to be a follower with subscribing your business channel!

There Are more details about how to post videos on youtube from the Guide of earning from youtube, You can also learn how to post videos on youtube from the tips we've published earlier about YouTube Creator Studio.

Now, after we gave you some information about how to post on instagram with examples, And how to post to instagram, Then to how to post in facebook, and also learnt about how to post videos on youtube, You now need to learn more about how to post to pinterest.


how to post to pinterest

4. How to post to Pinterest

how to post to Pinterest? This question is not frequently asked, but, our team "Brightery Social media team" is predicting that Pinterest is going to rank between the top social media platforms in the next years.

The Pinterest concept is a social network of the board you're pinning your best selection of pins, It's easy to use, and took the attention of designers, artists, and other types of people lately.

how to post to Pinterest? You should always post links including good pics and designs with small caption and you can learn more about how to post to Pinterest from Pinterest marketing & Pinterest business account.


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