The quick and easy guide to know what to post on social media, Instagram what to post, what to post on Instagram story? what to post on Facebook? what to post on LinkedIn? what to post on youtube? and more about building better relations with your customers.

What To Post On social media?

Social media marketing and advertising is now a great way to reach and enhance your business and business targets, Over 350 Case Studies at brightery hub, we can say that Social Media can give you the growth you've been looking for, And from 5 Years (Starting late 2015) Experience, we can say that it's becoming harder every day for business.

So, If you want to start, Start this now with no hesitation or late decisions; But now - When you're already here - how to post on social media? that's a good question we're going to cover in here!

Before you keep going, You need to know that this post is a part of another list of posts should help you out with What to post on social media, How to post on social media, where to post on social media, What is cross-posting and does it affect my progress online? Then you should understand if you can run your business social media your self, or you need to hire an agency for this.

The quick and easy guide to know what to post on social media, Instagram what to post, what to post on Instagram story? what to post on Facebook? what to post on LinkedIn? what to post on youtube? and more about building better relations with your customers.

Before we keep going, Notice.

Before we keep going, you gotta understand the main purpose of every social media platform, and the value does it give to the user, also you need to understand the difference between your business language and people waiting to engage with your content and posts; it means you should understand: Where are you first, to understand what to post!

Instagram what to post?

Instagram is totally visual content sharing platform, Depending on high-quality photos and videos, and that allows you to break the chains with your amazing designs and photography; Yes, You need always to photograph your work beside good designs you create.

Photos coming from your business, in high quality, Are way better and easier to get caught in the newsfeed of your audience, and that's the step 1 of Instagram what to post lesson.

And we can count the Instagram what to post types in: 

A. Post Photos

A real photo from your business would help you with converting the potential customers to real customers, Try to post more good shots from your location to your customers, Advice them and educate them about your business using a photo and simple caption about your business and business products and services.

It's easier to choose Instagram what to post and get your photographer to serve this process if you don't have a photographer you can use our Photography services if you're in the available areas.

B. High-Quality Designs

High-Quality designs can make more explanation than hundreds of words, with a pretty good, Creative design, and simple phrase you can make a high value for users more than posting a full article with more than 1,000 included words. If you wanna learn more about Instagram what to post? see examples.

Example: Van Gogh sending art painting himself in photo design. See Post

Van Gogh sending art painting himself in photo design

C. Videos

Small duration, good idea, and good quality video Can drive more sales, more attracted audience to your business and even can go viral!

The process of creating videos is to make it simple, easy to understand, so anyone can catch it, and now after we knew Instagram what to post, let's get to what to post on Instagram story!

Confused Business woman

What to post on Instagram story

We did learn about Instagram what to post and how can we use it, now we should learn about what to post on Instagram story.

First, we can't simply add our posts to Instagram stories every time we post a new post, Why? it's annoying, so, what to post on Instagram story? 

The story is going to disappear after 24H anyway, Post anything you might find interesting for your audience:

1. A video shooted in your business.
2. Funny moments.
3. Creative photos.
4. Customer reactions.
5. Customer reviews.

And so on with an unlimited list of things you can post to your Instagram story.

What to post on Facebook

To understand what to post on Facebook you have to understand what is a social media platform and how you control it, And now let's get to "What to post on Facebook".

to understand what to post on Facebook you should understand that Facebook is the easiest to publish platform from networks, it allows you to publish:

  • Photo / Photo gallery / Photo Album
  • Video / Videos
  • CTA (Call To Action)
  • Tagging products (Facebook Store)
  • Polls
  • Check-ins
  • Watch Parties
  • GIF
Facebook Post Types

And that's not everything, Facebook has the most advanced publishing tools you can handle and the best insights and analytics results you can ever meet in the social networks, You can see that in the performance of Facebook creator studio.

Posting Memes, Funny Jokes, Things related to your business and business industry is a must, You need always to be updated and make your own business updated and engaging your customers.

A combination of GIFs, Videos, Photos, Articles, Links, Videos.. can help your business growth, there are many ways to success.

What to post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is known as the most professional social network, or also known as the social network made for professionals. Anyways, You need to learn more about what can you exactly share on Linkedin!

to understand what to post on LinkedIn, You can read this list of types of posts:

  1. links
  2. Articles
  3. Photos
  4. Videos

You can add whatever you need and have from these types of posts, but to work fine with the concept of what to post on LinkedIn you need to understand that Linkedin Is a professional network, This network needs more professionalism and the way of writing posts, jokes and funny memes, won't help in this situation.

Using LinkedIn page for business and benefits

What to post on youtube

After we had little while understanding what to post on Linkedin, Now let's get to what to post on youtube; in this exact point, you need to focus on the video and video creation. Basically, YouTube was made to give you the visual multimedia that makes you feel comfortable with, it's a great tool to reach more audience and the best way to make your audience engaged with your content.

Youtube is a good tool to spread your long-vid-multimedia to the audience might like it, all that you have to do is record your video is good quality (High quality is prefered) and start your journey of engaging with your audience.

You need to know besides what to post on youtube, That how to use the creator studio of YouTube, it's such a great tool to attract more audience.

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