What's Wrong With Instagram That You Shouldn't Do This Year?

Since Instagram came out in 2010 it has given brands the opportunity to tell their stories through the power of visuals and today we need to clarify the Instagram mistakes to avoid this year.

In 2014, Instagram became the fastest-growing social network, and by now it has over 1 billion users from all over the world.

In the last five years alone The facebook-owned app has expanded its features along with growing its user base, which embraced business accounts and advertising, by the time it became one of the main social media platforms.

Also, users are highly engaged with the platform, half of the users spend a daily average of 20 minutes on the app. Whether you’re new to the app, considering joining, or can’t attract people enough, here’s a list of 8 common mistakes brands make on Instagram and 8

Instagram mistakes to avoid.

1. Not following a specific strategy

what's wrong with Instagram is making no strategy at all, Using Instagram a strategy that can be ideal for showcasing goods being used in real-life conditions, showing the development of something through photos and short video clips (such as the development of a vehicle, the quality of a makeup product, or a new or favorite recipe starting from scratch to the plated final product), or even answering frequently asked questions through short videos or Instagram Live.

In 2013, Instagram introduced a 15-second video component to their platform, and the engagement rates have been lesser than photo content, Some brands have found a way to make it work, and got more people engaged with their video content, such as Quest Nutrition.

2. Focusing on production quality more than audience value

What's wrong with Instagram can destroy your brand name? repeating that you're awesome all the time. Major brands might post high-quality photos and videos, using better types of equipment for filming, and design software for editing, but that is not the main reason for getting people engaged with those brands posts, if you’re starting a new brand, you don’t necessarily need a fancy camera or a studio to get people’s attention to your product.

It’s more about the audience value, When you don't focus on creating content that your audience enjoys or values, you might be less likely to get their attention to slow down and take a look at your product

let's Take some time to think about how Instagram works. Users usually scroll through a single line of photos, quickly glancing at photos and only slowing down and stopping when there's something interesting catches their eyes or excites their interest.

Focusing more on the value and also the quality of the content you’re publishing, will get more people to stop scrolling down and take a moment to see what you’re selling.

Instagram mistakes

3. Not being Active all the time

Posting on a daily basis creates more engagement, the more you post the more successful your business gets.

Take time to study post frequency as a part of your strategy.

 Also, it’s important to balance between quality and quantity, ensuring one isn’t sacrificed for the other, if you’re fine with posting quality content 10 times per day, you should stick to a similar posting schedule for a bit and watch your engagement numbers change.

An example: MAC cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics is well world known cosmetics manufacturer founded in 1984 in Toronto, Canada. MAC Cosmetics grows in follower count on Instagram by 231k / month. the post on Instagram receives the cosmetics manufacturer an impressive 34k likes and 300+ comments on common.

MAC Cosmetics is about to hit 3 million followers due to their frequent and constant and regular posting schedule. it's unusual to go a day without seeing numerous quality posts from the brand.

4. Gaining followers or engagement

What's wrong with Instagram? If you're thinking about buying followers or engagements, don't, the platform has been breaking down on fake accounts for years now, and they're taking them out in huge numbers.

 a high follower count might not meet your brand's purpose being a highly engaging account, actually, it may harm your brand.

when you buy followers it makes your account high on followers but low on likes and real engagement which makes people confused about your brand, and it might make them lose their trust in your brand.

paying attention to quality, important and compelling messages, and the capability to build real connections with your audience through posts can make you one of the most dominant presences on the platform.

Instagram mistakes to avoid

5. Not focusing enough on retaining followers

Instagram users are highly engaged with branded content at huge rates, the platform gives brands a variety of growth opportunities, but unfortunately, an engaged following today doesn’t guarantee an engaged following tomorrow.

Instagram promotes user-Generated content (UGC) more than any other social media platform, you can use branded hashtags or run a photo contest, Instagram is the perfect platform for real engagement with real people.

You can post entertaining posts that might encourage your audience to mention their friends and spread your message, they can serve as advocates to your brand using your hashtags and bringing more people to know your brand.

what's wrong with Instagram

6. Your brand might be overly promotional

Most people find promotional posts unflattering, if your brand's account is full of promotional posts, that might be a reason for not getting much engagement.

Overly promotional posts may appear as greedy, slothful, and depending on timing, of course, it is important to be promotional at certain times, but the most successful brands on Instagram are the ones spreading powerful and meaningful messages, sharing quality photos and videos, being active and engaging with the audience.

7. Using way too many hashtags.

Instagram mistakes to avoid is using too many hashtags, Like any social media platform, hashtags play an important role in the discovery process on the social network. non-famous brands tend to use way too many non-relevant hashtags which make them look spammy and out of touch.

Sprout Social suggests that less is more, according to the social media software company, using fewer hashtags ( from two to five relevant hashtags ) in a post can serve better than using 10 hashtags or more.

brands should avoid misusing hashtags as a way to increase exposure, misusing hashtags will probably get your brand to lose it's trustworthiness, honesty, and believability on a network that was built on authenticity and quality.

8. You may be avoiding using Instagram

You might be still confused about using Instagram, thinking that you might not have enough time to run another social media network, you might be wondering if it is worth it to join Instagram.

in fact, these questions are very important and worth investigating, especially when you have a limited budget or social team, but you shouldn't let these fears control your social strategy, especially when the social network's history is as long and successful as Instagram's

As we mentioned above, Instagram is the fastest-growing main social media platform, and it has one of the most engaged audiences, which makes it hard to overlook its Value.

So now we can say that Instagram is completely worth considering.


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