Why website heatmaps are important for every business and entrepreneur?

Good morning, this is important to know as an entrepreneur, heatmaps eye tracking is so useful way to learn more about the human mind and how humans think, but what do you know about heatmaps eye tracking?

What is heatmaps eye tracking?

Website heatmaps have a wonderful duality to them on the first hand, they translate the large of data for you to understand it quickly and render rapid results around visitor behaviour; one the other, it allows you to unwrap this abstracted data and get to the core of this data.

This data transform to the visualization of every webpage performance; if you need to analyze if visitors are truly engaged with your content.


according to Wikipedia, web heatmaps is a graphical representation (important to business) of data where the individual values (and that's the customer) contained in a matrix are represented as colours (the movement and interactions). web heatmaps are newer term but shading matrices have existed for over a century.

website heatmaps

Ahmad El-Saeed

According to Ahmad El-Saeed (it's me if you didn't notice), It's amazing thing tracks your audience movement in your whole website (scrolling - mouse hover - clicks - pages visited) that could help you understand the audience you're targeting and help them outreach the target without losing their way.

For Example

In fact, I choose to make an explanation on the first website I've got in my mind, That was Brightery, I couldn't take the real web heatmaps so because it's private information, but I get this just for example and make you better to understand.

Why website heatmaps are important for every business and entrepreneur?

Web heatmap, And entrepreneur business

Well, now we should head to the purpose of using heatmaps js and start building your UX (user experience) according to results it gives back to you.

a problem of tracking

When you drive conversion to your website, You don't really know what's going on with every client visiting your website, Google analytics and most of the analytics application tracking the real-time visitors, Where they are, What they visit... Etc. But in fact, nothing gives you info about how they act!

How heatmap help business

Let's say your business needs to grow, You want more purchases through your website, You paid well for experts learnt a lot about your audience before they draw your UX design, But.. Do they really know everything?

The answer is no, No one knows, Even the visitor himself doesn't know how he's going to interact with your website! he just interacts!

javascript heatmaps

How that could help?

Let's say, You can better understand your own visitor through these analytics given back via javascript heatmaps.


The most important part, We can say it's the decisions he made on your website. I landed where you left me, Where to go now? (He say).

You can better understand what do they prefer and make it less hard to reach, make a small path to the most visited pages or products your business services, Make if easier to make his purchase.

With heatmaps js you can give him more different options to choose from, Ads (Your own advertising I mean, not google's) and CTA (Call To Action buttons or blocks).

Pages visited

The pages they visit and scrolling they take, Where to put everything, most of the people doesn't fully scroll the page if they didn't find something interesting in the bottom, Why don't you try some.

Endless scrolling by getting more items to the current view works with social media, Does this work for you? no? yes?

We can't just recommend something, as I said before, Even the visitor doesn't know how they're going to act at your website and heatmaps js help the business to improve their user experience for customers.

Mouse hover

Mouse tracking isn't that effective, Yes but it still makes you really understand what's going on. There are two kinds of people ( people reading with the mouse .. Just like I do, Sometimes I even select the text I'm reading because I might lose it ) & ( people reading, and never use the mouse ) It reflects on ROI.

Does this help?

Yes, but it still leaves you explanation to understand most the of the people visiting your business, Why did they move their mouse! and why didn't they purchase that item ( while they hover over the high price :P and leave the page with ending session )?

This isn't everything

It's not everything, but I'm waiting for your response on and comments on these posts, Hope you enjoyed reading the same as I enjoyed writing


javascript heatmaps are so important for your business because javascript heatmaps are directly translating your customer's reaction while using your website, application..etc. to something, to analytics, you can read, understand and start developing according to. website heatmaps are the basic step to start understanding your customer and customer behaviour in your website.

  1. website heatmaps are tracking the user session and recording it privately.
  2. website heatmaps are creating analytics you can read and react to, to improve your business.
  3. web heatmaps are tracking page visits.
  4. web heatmaps are tracking mouse hover and movement.
  5. web heatmaps are tracking scrolling down and up.
  6. javascript heatmaps are understanding the difference between screen sizes (mobile/desktop).
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