Do you need ideas for restaurant marketing? get the best restaurant marketing ideas and the correct way to restaurant marketing strategies including restaurant marketing on social media strategies, All in one post!

Do you need ideas for restaurant marketing? get the best restaurant marketing ideas and the correct way to restaurant marketing strategies including restaurant marketing on social media strategies, All in one post!

The Top 8 Ideas For Restaurant Marketing

You're a business owner or manager, you own a restaurant or manage one and want to learn more about ideas for restaurant marketing? well, you're now in the right place, In this post, we're going to teach you The Top 8 Ideas For Restaurant Marketing.

Table of content:

  1. Starting the restaurant marketing social media.
  2. Email Marketing isn't that old!
  3. SMS Marketing is still on the desk.
  4. Stop Parties, and start events!
  5. Making discounts? or rewarding systems?
  6. How to use printings?
  7. How yelling at my employee can destroy my business?
  8. The secret!
  9. That's difficult, I need help!
Use social media | the top 8 ideas for restaurant marketing

Use Social Media

Well, the first idea of our restaurant marketing ideas (You might be saying Oh... that's new.. but wait, that's really new!) Everyone knows that using social media is a basic, but the truth is not everyone believes in the social media results!!!

Some customers (brightery customers) were afraid in the first place of using and adding social media strategy to their restaurant marketing strategies and they were complaining adding high budget to this part only, but after all, they're now social media marketing addicts, they even try to help our teams themselves running their social media to understand how it goes and how the customer is thinking!

Restaurant marketing on social media is important and almost a basic, most of our clients had a huge quantity of customers because of social media, and the reputation they had because of it!

Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, And other Social media platforms and channels are now making restaurant marketing social media channels easier and better and even faster!

People are online, You need to reach them with your restaurant marketing on social media and creating restaurant marketing strategies including social media!

A. Use Google Locations

Using Google locations is now important to empower your local business with more powerful and adding your business to local business going to help you out, check out more. and check this if you don't know what is google my business & how to use it as a business?

B. Start Posting!

Well, that's too much to handle in this post, if we started to talk about the benefits for business from starting your social media marketing, we got to make this post a full e-book, Well, it's a good idea, to be honest, but we can't do it here!

C. Social Media Advertising

Making ads, spread more, reach more with more efficient ways your audience! Using social media advertising now can make it a lot better with tools such as Facebook Studio, Facebook Ads Manager, YouTube Studio.. etc

email marketing | the top 8 ideas for restaurant marketing

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ideas for restaurant marketing, Emails are still important, most of the people are ignoring the fact of "We're using emails every day"!! Day after day, machines are taking hard work while people are taking the deskwork, and more desks mean more pcs and more pcs means more email clients!

Even outdoors people using email, Yes, it's still alive, breathing and never gets old, It's just getting more important!

Maybe it's not for young people (If you're targeting the high school students) but starting college, employed people, are checking their email boxes - at least - once a day, every day, Email Marketing automation is now enhanced and became too easy, you can learn more about it!

SMS Marketing | the top 8 ideas for restaurant marketing

Use SMS Marketing

Well to is one of the top ideas for restaurant marketing, SMS Marketing became too old, the truth is, no it isn't and it won't be, creative SMS with good context and tracking options can increase your ROI!

We're using SMS Marketing and it's achieving high quality leads to our landing pages, achieving milestones, It's not old, and it's never will!

Create Events | the top 8 ideas for restaurant marketing

Create Events

Parties, Everone like to party, at least some, but what if we stopped parties and started to create events!

What's the difference between parties and events? Well, Events including:

  1. Parties (DJ, People Dancing..etc).
  2. Art Events
  3. Photography Events
  4. Reading Events.
  5. Etc.

I think you've got my point already, creating parties is good, but you know what's better? it's attracting your audience with what they really love!

discounts or rewarding system | the top 8 ideas for restaurant marketing

Discounts or Rewarding System?

You don't have a Rewarding system yet? What the heck! you gotta have one now, there's a million way to create your rewarding system (points system/visits system/automated rewarding systems).

rewarding systems are achieving a level of progress you will not even imagine, Yes, It's one of the most amazing tools to increase your customer loyalty besides your discounts!

And when it comes to discounts or rewarding system you have to choose both!

You can also add a terminal Happiness customer kiosk, it's helpful to understand your customers and work on making them more happy and satisfied!

use printing wisely | the top 8 ideas for restaurant marketing

Use Printings Wisely!

When it comes to printings, You have to be careful, You're using, going to use, and will always use printings, no? You can use your printings as a better advertising way, How?

A. Campaign Printings

You can easily use your cup or cup holders as a creative method of marketing, you can easily use it to advertise a new product, or make more engagement somehow!

B. Always add your contacts

Adding your brand logo, name, social links, and website to your printings, It's going to make a difference, Trust me!

hire friends talkative people, or train them | the top 8 ideas for restaurant marketing

Hire Friendly Talkative people, Or Train Them!

You're having a bad day, going to grab a cup of coffee ( A cup of tea of you're English ) and met a bad attitude guy wants to kill you or slap you on your face, or even talking to you in a bad way, it's going to ruin your day!

What if he's looking to you with a smile, asking about your day, tell you a joke (Even bad jokes are funny in this situation), How it's going to affect your mood?

Once we've made the Joke Campaign for GitBurger, It was telling a new joke to every dining in customer and you know what? according to brightery customer reaction results, positive reviews increased with 21% to the last month, Also sales increased with 12.6% to the last month!

Nothing happened, no new menus, no new items, no discounts, just a joke made a different, Can you believe it? And even bad jokes and not funny jokes worked!

Yelling at your employees to make more sales wouldn't help, encourage them to be more friendly, happy, and talkative.

having something unique | the top 8 ideas for restaurant marketing

Have Something Unique

A special item, secret ingredient, a different way to present the food or drinks can increase your sales, don't count on, don't remove your regular items or ingredients, don't cancel your current menu!

Create a new side item or a special way to present, add a new temporary menu with count down!

We tried this with another store, it was a flash menu, that's going to stay for less than a month and bam, it's no longer exist, people loved it but they were getting a new temp menu and they loved it too, for 3 months " Evan Local store " made this process, and they got a brand new menu with the favourites of their customers!

hire an expert company | the top 8 ideas for restaurant marketing

Hire an Expert Company!

Is it everything? No restaurant marketing companies can always make a difference, can increase your customer loyalty, advice you, manage your accounts on social media with more professionality and open wide view for social media and better familiar with the algorithms.

Can help your growth with restaurant marketing on social media and adding social media strategies to your restaurant marketing strategies and generate ideas for restaurant marketing suites you the best according to your buyer personas and analytics.

You can search for the best restaurant marketing agency for your business, or you can easily contact brightery and work with us!


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