What is website, Web app, And what is the importance of website design. How to create a better website and make hompage that is easy to use. For more information you can read this post and learn more about the website design.

what is website? web app & the difference between them in web solutions

What is website

To let you define what is website, You should first take a quick look on resources.

According to Brightery Wiki, A website is defined as: a collection of related network & web resources at the same time, such as web pages, multimedia are typically identified with a domain name, and published on the web server. Examples are Wikipedia.org, Brightery.com, and Google.com. Resource.

And it's a part, The main part of WWW, And the World Wide Web according to brightery Wiki:

The World Wide Web (also known as WWW, And also known as the Web ), The WWW is an information system that documents and other web resources are identified by a Uniform Resource Locators (URLs, such as www.brightery.com/), And they may be interlinked by hypertext, and they're accessible over the Internet. The resources of the World Wide Web may be accessed by users using a software application we call it a web browser (Such as Chrome, Firefox, Tor, Edge...etc). Resource

what is website? web app & the difference between them in web solutions

Website components

Make homepage better and more attractive

And a website, or web app is having components we can call it, Standards of website creating. Such as Nav, Footer, And pages..etc. Web solutions industry is giving the first and most important part of the website creating, How to make homepage that fits.

make homepage Process:

The homepage components and the process of how to make homepage, Homepage should contain sections of website showing the most important features, Services, And products from website as samples of the full content. to make homepage creative and attractive.

Website Navbar:

Navbar is the main navigation to the whole website content, Should be easy and fast to have the ability of traveling through the website pages and content.


Footer displays the most important legal information and social media links, Quick links, And else.

What is Web App

You can learn more about web app from this page in here: What is web app. 

Web App defined as the web application containing complicated functions, items, and operations through the web pages. such as:

  • Sending messages.
  • Making payments.
  • Complicated algorithms.
  • Dynamic functions and operations.

Importance of website design

If you ask professionals for defining what is the importance of website design, You're going to have different answers. The most creative design web are based on some design principles that result in useful, beautiful content that give consumers a high level of satisfaction.

Depends on your website nesting and serving the purpose of your website. And the purpose is quickly made immediately clear to the reader when they visit your websites homepage. When you go for designing and developing your website, put your marketing message front and center to be obvious and clear.

Make homepage that is easy to use and to reach any service or product you need. And when you make homepage that is easy to understand and fast to travel with gives you more points and less time for your user to understand your website.

How to find a web solutions company?

To find a web solutions company you can take a quick look on this posts:



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