Tips before you design a restaurant website, why should you build a restaurant website and what is the importance of website for a restaurant? then learn how to make a website for restaurant.

Why should you build a restaurant website?

It's kinda funny that restaurant business owners don't know what are the benefits they can earn from the process of building a restaurant website and sometimes they say: " No I don't need it ". Now, we're going to quickly show you the top benefits you gain when you design a restaurant website and how to make website for restaurant.


1. Shows your Menu

Your Menu needs to be noticed by customers, you need to upload your menu items, descriptions, and pricing for your restaurant. A restaurant website and when you create a website for a restaurant you should keep in mind that showing your menu is a major need.

Is that all? is it all to make your menu online? No, this is not everything, there are a lot of other features depending on this exact feature.

showing your menu with details and photos, maybe videos, ingredients, and if you can nutrition facts can increase your customer reputation and make them trust you even more!

Did you hear about vMenu? and QR CODE Menus

2. Gallery and About

Design a restaurant website with a gallery can be a great add-on, Adding a gallery and videos of your restaurant can make your customer more comfortable when they're looking for a suitable place, you can add more about your restaurant journey (Everyone has an interesting one) and some pictures taken on your place in some event.

3. A Mobile-Friendly Interface

When you design a restaurant website you should look to realise these statistics about building a mobile-friendly website, It's particularly necessary for the restaurant business. It stands to reason that the rapidly growing business size of online food orders and the expanded number of mobile web users suggests that several online food ordering lovers are making bookings with their mobile devices.

4. Online Bookings

We've mentioned previously that build a restaurant website is important, but what else is important? With food lovers constantly returning to the online services for assistance, online bookings are -nowadays- is a must when you build a website for a restaurant. This is an attractive way to promote the booking process and assist interested individuals and groups to become completely customers.

But, let's forget about offering customers an easier booking process for a while, the online bookings help restaurants hugely. So, what can online booking help too? 

Simplify the Booking Method: This related and help the customer, yes, but it's also helping and developing the restaurant. As argued to several restaurant staff members getting bookings and writing them in your reservation list (a method which presents itself to mistakes, conflicting, and over-booking, based on the rigours of this job), online bookings implement an automatic answer to bookings. Online bookings enable considered customers to view available timing and tables without the problem of human error and restaurants to be certain of their bookings, making online bookings fast, reliable, and effective.

5. Online Ordering

Website for a restaurant with a Menu with no online order ability? You're kidding? of course, you need an online ordering method, you need to make it more automated and less silly for the customer to order through a phone call. A long boring full of "What?" and "I can't hear your clearly, sir" and tons of this stuff!

Ordering online is 100% easier and better for both, customer and restaurant make 0% hearing conflicts, the customer chooses their order, check it twice before checking out, adding a correct address, no phone calls, no mishearing.


6. Online Payment

Online Payments can be so effective when you design a restaurant website, It's super-fast, easy, and trusted. Everyone now has a credit card or online wallet, it became so effective to make online payments.

It's giving the customer more payment options, give the restaurant easier payment methods.

7. Social Media Integration

Billions of social media users, social media is an outstanding way to communicate new customers online. Furthermore, the capability to target users with specific likes and interests is making social platforms, especially a valuable marketing tool. Many companies realise this and their own social media pages as a result. However, becoming an apparently autonomous social page is not understanding the true ability of social media.

8. Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the method whereby the individual pages of a website are built or modified to be most visible to search engine crawlers. Crawlers are basically robots that scan websites for search engines and report them accurately how good, or related, they are. Pages that are estimated to be important and relevant are then put higher up in the results when a user makes a search. Restaurant pages that are supposed pertinent for a search for "Good restaurant in NY", as an example, will later fill the top of the order of search results

How to make website for restaurant

There are two ways and how to make a website for restaurant, you can choose what's best for you.

1. Stand-alone website

The first method of how to make a website for restaurant is to contact a restaurant website developer agency, and for the good luck, you're reading this post at one of the best restaurant website developer agencies all over the world.

You can Contact Brightery now for creating your restaurant website with all features we've mentioned and more in so nice budget.

2. Eatery Website

The second method of how to make a website for restaurant, you can purchase Eatery (POS & Restaurant management system). Eatery is a super restaurant management system allows the business owner to live to watch his restaurant or restaurants, With Eatery, Watch your restaurant manages itself.

Eatery allowed you to have a fully integrated system with a stunning website as an ADD-ON , that is connected to your system and makes it easier to run your business from only one dashboard. and from Eatery features:

Website connected to your system.

Website is connected to your POS System database, when a customer creates a user and make an order, their account and order are saved to your system, and their data (Name, Email, Phone number, Oder details, Address) also saved to your database.


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