Google Adwords: Google keyword tool

The truth is, Lately Google removed Google Adwords to announce that there's better tool to make your own Google ads. They named it Google Ads.

Google Ads logo

Google Adwords / Google Ads

Google Ads (Google AdWords, before July, 2018) is an online advertising platform provided by google company, where advertiser companies pay to display advertisements, offers, products, videos, and mobile application installs within the Google ad network to web users.

But it also has many features and tools you can use your for your business to get more audience and gain more sales through Blogging, Back links and SEO improvement. how?

Google keyword tool

Google keyword tool is an easy tool that you can use it your self to decide which keyword is better for your business and even get better ideas.

How can i use this?

This is an easy operation, You should first decide which Keywords you have to work on, add to your ideas list and see what's better.


Let's say you're going to choose this keyword "the best marketing company in CA", Now add it to your console and click ok.

You will find out that this keyword is getting less attention, Average people searching with this keyword is 0 - 10 Monthly and that's few.

But also you can get better ideas like:
"digital marketing agency" with 10K – 100K monthly search and Medium competition instead, Or even "
market research" with 10K – 100K monthly search and Low competition which is better than Medium competition.
You can now:
  • choose your keyword lists for your next campaign
  • Start working on you own SEO keywords
  • Improve your website content and keyword density

If you don't know what is the importance of keywords, Read this:

Why Keywords in SEO Is important: A Beginner’s Guide

Google Keyword tool is a great tool if you could use it, Can boost your monthly visits and sales.

Hans Jörg

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A brilliant IT Manager at Brightery, So clever and always right. In love with robots, technologies, And making anything speak!

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