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4 html responsive template free download from brightery

If you're looking for html responsive template free download then we're giving away the best 4 template html css free in the same same time.4 html responsive template free download  Royal HTML5 Free templateRoyal - Premium Free bootstrap templatesRoyal is multi-purposeful HTML, CSS, And JavaScript with many features… Read More


Mind-Blowing advertising statistics 2019

Advertising is taking first place in the world's most important things, Here we are giving Mind-blowing advertising statistics 2019.Mind-Blowing advertising statistics 2019Global Digital Advertising spend 2019In 2019, worldwide digital advertising spending will rise by 17.6% to reach $333.25 billion in united states dollar. That means, for the first time, digital advertising will… Read More


Happy World Oceans Day - Keep the oceans clean

We're wishing you a happy world oceans day, wishing the nature will always be fine and safe, We care about nature because it's too important to make peace with our planet, we should work, have fun, make successful things to humanity. but there will be… Read More


What is google webmaster tools - Google Search Console?

What is google webmaster tools ( Google Search console ), how can you use it? and what do you gain if you started to use as payback from Google search? In this post, we're going to clarify what is it, how to use and webmaster… Read More


What is customer success?

Customer successHow do you define customer success?Customer success defined as the function of an enterprise that is responsible for managing the relationships between The vendor and his customers. The real target of customer success is to make the customer as successful as possible, Why?, Because it… Read More

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What Does CRM stand for? - Quick understand CRM system 2019

What is customer relationship management, And why do people care about having CRM to manage their work? what does CRM stand for ? and what are the examples for CRMs? You can find all of this and more in this post.What Does CRM stand for?First,… Read More

Embedded System

Ubuntu for the Internet of Things

From home automation to drones, robots and embedded and industrial systems, Ubuntu Core provides security, app stores and updates. Ubuntu makes development easy and snap packages make Ubuntu Core more secure and reliable for widely distributed devices.Leading brands choose Ubuntu Core for security and updates App stores for… Read More


Why should I create a website for my local business in 2019?

The most worthy question you might ask, Why should I create a website for my local business in 2019? And why you have to find a website development company or website design company to pay more money for? And does this worth it?Google local businessWhat is… Read More


eCommerce web development - Open Source eCommerce CMS

As one of the lists of posts, we're going to publish in the next upcoming days for helping those who want to create their eCommerce website or online store. This post is going to talk about the Open Source eCommerce CMS.eCommerce web developmentwe define the… Read More


eCommerce web development - How to start your ecommerce and start earning

eCommerce web developmenteCommerce web developmenteCommerce website is the website that contains the activity of buying or selling of products on both online services or over the Internet. eCommerce refers to (Electronic commerce) and it draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, inventory management… Read More

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benefits of using cms - content management system 2019

It's now a big deal to get more information about the most popular used type of software on the entire internet world. CMS or Content management system is the most popular used type of software used to build websites and web applications. Let's take a… Read More

Social Media Management

The best social media management company in United states 2019

If you crushed with this post, you're looking for the best social media management company in united states, meanwhile, you need to know what is the real meaning and how to choose your best social media management company in 2019.What is a social media management… Read More

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What is magento? which companies use it?

MagentoMagento logoMagento is well known open-source script to build E-Commerce platform, It was written in PHP like most of the common Content management systems.HistoryIt was originally developed by Varien Inc a company based in Palo Alto, California. Varien published the first actual general stable release of the software on March… Read More

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The Best WordPress Plugins 2019

WordPress is the leading content management system lately, But what if you need to improve your own WordPress to make more sales, attract more visitors or for other purposes?WordPress PluginsThe plugin is a piece of software performing a group of functions that can be added… Read More

Web Development

How to Create a Website: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners 2019

If you're looking for How to Create a Website? we can tell that's so easy lately and this is a how to guide.How to Create a WebsiteWhat do you need?before we get started, you should have a quick tips about things you need before you… Read More


Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Websites & Programs For 2019

Make more money from your website, Web app, blog... etcYou can make more than one money stream by connecting to make affiliate marketing, Most bloggers struggle with the begging with the question: “Where do I begin?”First of all you need to learn more about Affiliate marketing… Read More


What is Affiliate Marketing 2019

What is Affiliate Marketing 2019We define Affiliate marketing as a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more than one affiliates for each visitor or each customer purchase by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.In other definition, It's co-operation working flow between (affiliate marketer - company - customer)… Read More

Web Development

11 Popular Types of Websites You Can Create 2019

11 Popular Types of WebsitesThere's big difference between the types of website in technical way ( Static and dynamic ) and types of websites that means Categories of websites. If you're looking for a post that's talking about types of websites in technical way you… Read More

Web Development

Types of websites guide 2019 - Basic 4 Technical types

If you don't know what types your websites should be, Then you can read this blog post to learn more - Simply - how to choose building your website. Types of websitesThere are two main types of websites for building website today, Static website and dynamic… Read More


What is cloud hosting 2019 guide

Web HostingWhat is Web Hosting?Web hosting defined as the service that allows enterprises and individuals to upload a website or web page and make it live on the Internet.Host, or web hosting service provider, is a company that provides the technologies and services needed for… Read More

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Brightery the Social media marketing website

Social media platforms offer a powerful tool for businesses to promote their brand, engage with customers, and drive growth. In this article, we will explore the benefits of leveraging social media for company promotion and how it can revolutionize your marketing strategies. From targeted advertising…

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what is social networking for business?

Social networkingSocial networking for business is the practice of using social media platforms and online communities to connect, interact, and build relationships with customers, clients, partners, and other businesses in a professional manner. It involves utilizing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to promote…

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what is the social media business model?

What is the social media business model?The social media business model refers to the way social media companies generate revenue and sustain their operations. In a simplified definition, social media platforms typically offer their services for free to users and generate revenue through advertising, partnerships,…

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