Facebook sponsored ads is tricky? What is the cost of Facebook sponsored ads and is the cost of Facebook sponsored ads having standards? and how can I create sponsored ads in Facebook for my business? Find out everything about sponsored ads on Facebook.

Facebook sponsored ads is tricky? What is the cost of Facebook sponsored ads and is the cost of Facebook sponsored ads having standards? and how can I create sponsored ads in Facebook for my business? Find out everything about sponsored ads on Facebook.

Find out everything about sponsored ads on Facebook.

Good evening / or good morning according to the time that you read this article, but it is important to know that this article offering the following:

  1. What are Facebook sponsored ads.
  2. The cost of Facebook sponsored ads.
  3. The best ways to create sponsored ads on Facebook.

If you are on a journey looking for something else, you might want to visit the brightery blog for more information about it, and we hope you find what you are looking for, but if you want to know one of the previous points, you should read this article, so .. try to bring a cup of tea or coffee (as you prefer) Come here and see what we can explain for you.

You are definitely a successful entrepreneur!

You are of course an intelligent entrepreneur, and if you are not, then why are you looking for something like this in the first place, why do you start an exhausting search on the Internet in order to understand how the Facebook sponsored ads works on Facebook or the sponsored ads on Facebook cost, and this will make us proud of you and proud to provide more for you.

Step 1: I want my own business to have Facebook sponsored ads too.

Perhaps you have not started yet, or you have started making sponsored ads in Facebook and your attempts may have been unsuccessful (don't worry this happens to everyone) or with less success than you desire, or succeeded but you still want to learn more, and in the process of starting sponsored ads in Facebook with you Be aware of the three basic things we've mentioned before, and the first is what are the sponsored ads in Facebook?

What are sponsored ads in Facebook

In fact, when answering a question, what are sponsored ads in Facebook, we have to inform you about the most important thing, how does Facebook earn money?

Of course, I was asked before how Facebook earns and extends to work, while it offers a free service to everyone? The truth of the matter is that it also provides the most important services, which is the ability to make special advertisements for companies and individuals without conditions (such as government docs) or (guarantees), but you can simply (any account) make sponsored ads in Facebook once you have the following:

  1. Facebook account.
  2. A payment method accepted by Facebook.
  3. Facebook Page and the product you sell.

But this makes anyone who can make an advertisement on Facebook, in fact, yes, this makes anyone who can create Facebook sponsored ads for anything on Facebook, so you may see Facebook sponsored ads as some useless or worthless things for you (but this is another mistake We will get to know it in the next lines in a paragraph: The best ways to advertise on Facebook) Now that you have to understand only the Facebook sponsored ads.

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Sponsored ads on Facebook can appear in several places that have included the Instagram platform recently, including also (the right side of the page), (between posts), in the Messenger app, and in many other places such as video and instant articles. Learn more


What is the cost of Facebook sponsored ads

In fact, the question of the sponsored ads on Facebook cost is the most difficult question to answer, or what have sponsored ads on Facebook cost, as things do not go this way while we can try to simplify them as much as possible by the following:

Mainly, the sponsored ads on Facebook cost depends on several important factors that we can limit to:

  1. Product.
  2. Geographical area.
  3. Customer Class.
  4. Engagement.

1. The product.

There are some products that are easy to sell, traded, simple, and with an appropriate price, so you have to be of a suitable product or service, and you have already done a suitable search for everything related to this product from (market price) research (general product study) and (product price)..etc, you cannot sell a product that is known to be sold for $ 10 and you sell it for $ 50 and you expect it to be sold heavily!


2. Geographical area.

Social media platforms, especially Facebook, are categorizing audience by geographical classification, where you can reach your business, and the average sponsored ads on Facebook cost is determined by the geographical region, so whoever lives in the United Kingdom is not at the same price as the one who lives in Canada, according to their geographical region.


3. Customer Class.

The type of customer itself represents a form of difference in price, you are of course an entrepreneur or a merchant in the first place, you know that each of his clients and each customer has a different price, for example:

  • The rich and entrepreneurial class is less expensive than the less wealthy class.
  • The interacting layer is less in price than the less interacting layers.

And so many other examples. Every customer is on the Internet, and each user has a special price according to his purchases and interests ... etc!


4. Engagement.

In the first place, Facebook tries to help the entrepreneur or the owner of the product or service to make more sales, but also without annoying the users (they are the main source of their income), so Facebook always wants, through improving the user experience, to show each user the product that is closest to him, the more interaction on the product reduces the price Show it to show it more and the less interaction, stop offering it or put it on the impression list.

This is not all, but this is a simple, quick summary of what is happening inside the Facebook algorithm while determining the prices of ads on Facebook for each customer or for every advertising campaign.

What are the best ways to advertise on Facebook

But the question now is, what are the best ways to advertise on Facebook and how to make the cost of Facebook sponsored ads less possible for me? In fact, this depends on several factors as well, we will try to clarify and facilitate it in order to understand it easily and easily without the need for more exhausting research, but you must keep in mind that these things are a little more than you think or more than we will offer, but we try to help you in understanding the best ways Advertising on Facebook and reducing the prices of ads on Facebook as much as possible.

  1. Good product.
  2. Clever creative writing.
  3. Nice design.
  4. Accurate targeting.

1. Good product.

As we previously presented, and we do not think we need to return to this point again, that the product or service conforms to the required specifications in terms of being a good product at a good price.

sponsored ads on facebook | Clever creative writing.


2. Clever creative writing.

One of the most important factors in working on the best ways to advertise on Facebook is that you must have prepared creative writing that suits your customer type, for example (writing colloquially for those under the age of adulthood or for young people) or (writing in an easy language without hard difficult words) in some things and business categories such as Advertising for a coffee shop or restaurant and appearing more seriously and consistently in your ads for categories such as selling to real estate companies, real estate marketing, or life insurance companies. having sense of humor here won't make your customers happy.

Do not try to be more creative than assumed, as excessive creativity may make your business worse, rather than help you achieve your goal of reaching the best advertising methods on Facebook.

sponsored ads on facebook | Bad Design


3. Good design.

As you can see in the previous picture, you may have done everything right, then the design spoils everything... Really, the design means everything sometimes, with a simple design you can deliver more than one idea while a bad design will find that your customer has lost the way, And may even offer your idea of buying or looking for you or your product forever! Check this.


sponsored ads on facebook | shakespeare


4. Strong targeting.

Imagine with me, that William Shakespeare went to Turkey to tell them about his great plays such as "Hamlet" or "King Lear" or other great plays. In fact, no one will understand anything if he speaks his "English" and will not be able to communicate Any Turkish people, even if the same "Shakespeare" known to a people speak the Turkish language (I find it difficult to understand what they say ) except a person who can understand and speak this language!

This is exactly what happens when an ad that contains Assassin Creed, a great game for a 50-year-old woman who works as a doctor, appears, of course, that will not do anything at all, or an advertisement for sauna and massage for a 16-year-old boy! This is not even logical, but what if we changed and made the lady see this announcement about the sauna and boy that the game announcement would reach? I think things will get a lot better ... right?

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