What is a web company, And what is web solution or digital web solutions company stand for?  What is the responsive web development and responsive web design services? Learn more about all this by reading this post.

What can web company do for you as web solution & Digital Web Solutions

You might ask your self, What can a web company do for my business, And how do i get the best digital web solutions company anyway? It's not that complicated, It's pretty simple to be honest.

What is a Web Company ?

What is a web company? It's that company providing the services of building and designing websites and web applications. You might first need to learn more about websites:

website or web site is a collection of related network & web resources at the same time, such as web pages, multimedia are typically identified with a domain name, and published on the web server. Examples are Wikipedia.org, Brightery.com, and Google.com.

If you want to learn more about websites you can easily get to this article:

What is website

Also you can get more detailed information about the world wide web ( WWW ) from this article:

What is the WWW?

What is Web Solutions and Digital web solutions ?

According to us, Brightery, The web solutions is finding the easy and attractive way for helping business reach the needed requirements to come true as an application with interactive operations.

There's a small difference between web design service and web development service. As we defined: 

Web design is the process of creating the structure, sitemap, basics, wireframes, design, and visuals of the website. In the other hand Web development is the process of making the operations, buttons, registration, And operations such as purchasing, checkout, online payment...etc. to become an interactive web with back-staged database sending and receiving the data coming from-to the user.

Responsive web

What is responsive web design services ?

Responsive web design services is a feature, You can count on, in the process of building web. Responsive refers to the ability of easy and fixable change in the screen size or type of device opening and surfing your website smoothly.

And the picture can give you the simple explanation for what are we talking about " Responsive web design services ".

What is responsive web development ?

As you see in the picture, The responsive web development - web solution company - refers to the show the same content on different screen sizes and devices. And this is the the magic the top development companies do.

What is responsive web development ?

What is responsive web development ?

As we said about the responsive web design services, The responsive web development ( web solution company )is the same thing, But for more dynamic content.

Dynamic content is different from the static content because it's coming dynamically with process of adding content it self, And the code is generated from it self. As it goes with Content management systems:



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